Press Quotes (why everyone loves City Pets)

Music For The Misfits
City Pets brand new EP ‘Heavy Petting’ is built upon a refreshingly exciting mix of catchy indie rock hooks, beautiful harmonies and consists of three eclectic alt rock tracks!

Banger of the Day
The EP kicks off with the electric sounding hit “Sweet Emulsion”. “Sweet Emulsion” is laced with warm sonics, engaging electric guitars, and I loved the raspy vocals. This is a record you will want to listen to on a nice summer afternoon.

Indie Boulevard
The upcoming EP "Heavy Petting" not only captures the core of indie rock with its pulsating sound and a wild blend of guitars, drums, and vocals, but it also fills the soul with a sense of lightness and joy

Direct Actu (It's in French but they had very nice things to say)
En quelques mots : L’EP « Heavy Petting » de City Pets est un véritable bijou musical qu’il est difficile d’ignorer. Avec seulement trois titres, le groupe parvient à créer une œuvre homogène et intelligemment produite.